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"There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

- Morpheus

Hey there! I'm Nessa aka


Just like you, I’ve wondered how I can best optimize my systems to help me work more efficiently towards my goals. I have taken many great leaps of faith lately in identifying how to do this, and I believe that anyone can change the course of their entire life for the better– 

at any time they so choose. 

I hope that the resources and posts within this space serve as a spark of inspiration for you, and furthermore provide you with the tools to implement some of these strategies in your life, so that you can level up and rise to new heights.


Latest EP

Created with code, and infused with powerful intentions, positive affirmations, and reiki infused sounds, this EP has emerged as my first showcase of music to the world. I hope that the healing I encountered within the creation of these tracks will be a source of healing for all who encounter the energies within them.


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Curtain Fall

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Once Bitten

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Live Stream

Most Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings, I am streaming LIVE on Twitch, and will add more times to my schedule as my channel continues to grow. By joining me, you’ll be able to observe my daily process in more detail, hear some of my new music, and even use stream-earned currency to buy and customize avatars!  

Most of my music is on the techno side, but what I’ve included here is a more simple chill beat which I think displays this form of music creation in a neat way. This has been my a big focus area for me recently, and I think the potential of it is limitless! Find the link to my stream and socials below.