Why Web 3.0 Matters

If you look up what Web 3 means, you’re guaranteed to find a plethora of answers on the topic…and that’s likely because there are so many elements of what it comprises.


To anyone who is new to NFTs, crypto, blockchain technology, AR/VR/mixed reality, and the many many more aspects of the Web 3 movement, it seems daunting to even consider learning where to start with understanding it all.

Trust me–I was overwhelmed myself at some point, so much so that it cost me the opportunity of buying a Bored Ape (BAYC) under $1500 back in May of 2021…all thanks to taking a weekend break from the audio social media app Clubhouse.

…Now to get to the core of what has brought me to writing this post–not to mention my recent journey of dropping out of college and working to teach myself how to code–is ultimately my belief that Web 3 is a movement. It is a shift in the societal paradigms we’ve become embedded into, and a break in the script where those involved are seeking to end our collective reliance on tech giants, or really any centralized agency for that matter.



From what I’ve understood throughout my time in the Web 3 space beyond just cryptocurrency, there is a deeply  rooted desire within the collective for more user ownership and transparency. 

How Web 3.0 Changed My Life

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