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Hello, World!

In my last semester of college, I took a python course which really helped me to understand what it is I love about coding–the challenge and satisfaction of observing progress create results. 


This is something I have been able to encounter in learning how to hula hoop, and in creating music with code.

Though I will always have multiple interests because of the way my brain is hard-wired, I’ve narrowed my focus down to a few key elements, and had to build systems for myself to become effectively dedicated to my work and mission.

…this is where I put my focus:

As I continue to teach myself how to code, I am understanding how to utilize my skills to work on projects which can allow me to implement these values. At the very least, I am working to develop templates that anyone can use and further customize to work towards their goals, and establish helpful habits.

Certifications of Completion

I care a lot about cultivating mindfulness, and align myself with the mantra of “transformation through introspection”.

This is a message I am actively seeking to share through another name incorporating that mantra, which is Butterfleye. Check out my channels under that name below!


I hope that the resources you find on this site serve as tools for your success, and I look forward to being able to creating even more effective methods as my skills and abilities evolve. 



Latest EP

Created with code, and infused with powerful intentions, positive affirmations, and reiki infused sounds, this EP has emerged as my first showcase of music to the world. I hope that the healing I have encountered within the creation of these tracks will be a source of healing for all who encounter the energies within them.



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Curtain Fall

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Once Bitten

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